Mahindru Foundation, earlier known as Mahindru Charitable Trust, is a Public Trust, formed on 25th July 2001 under the guidance & care of Late Shri Yashpal Mahindru. His son Mr. Ashok Mahindru, as Chairman of Mahindru Foundation & CMD of Advance Group, has been carrying forward the legacy of his father.Currently, Mahindru Foundation’s main aim is to expand its activities by setting Eye Banks at various location for help in eradication of corneal blindness, and also to expand its activities in girl child education.
To remain not for profit organisation
To serve all without any discrimination
To remain Transparent
To remain eager to share knowledge and information
To partner only with institutions/people committed to similar vision, mission and values
To provide high standard of service not linked to obligation to pay by the beneficiary




Mr. Ashok Mahindru leads these initiatives under the Mahindru Foundation (earlier known as Mahindru Charitable Trust) and provides financial support to various NGOs in eye care. The Trust is dedicated to enlarge the footprint of awareness campaigns for eye donation.

Management Team

Team comprises of people from different walks of life who have all come together with their varied experiences to work towards one mission. It includes people from diverse backgrounds including social workers, MBAs, chartered accountants, corporate professionals, consultants and PR professionals. The team is a blend of experienced veterans and enthusiastic freshers; all put in sync with the Foundation’s core values which also drive individual thought and action. We endeavours to create an ambience where people have the freedom to deliver quality and take pride in their work. All the team members are also given the opportunity to connect with each other regularly. Events and activities are designed and organized to make each one feel, as much a part of the Smile family. Briefly mentioned, Mahindru Foundation continuously strives to make the career for each individual personally rewarding and professionally enriching.




Mahindru Foundation, earlier known as Mahindru Charitable Trust, is a Public Trust, formed on25th July 2001 under the guidance & care of Late Shri Yashpal Mahindru. His son Mr. AshokMahindru, as Chairman of Mahindru Foundation & CMD of Advance Group, has been carrying forward the legacy of his father. Currently, Mahindru Foundation’s main aim is to expand its activities by setting Eye Banks at various location for help in eradication of corneal blindness, and also to expand its activities in girl child education.




Establish at least 50 Eye Banks across the country which are:
  1. Equipped with state-of-art technology
  2. Operating with world class processes and systems
  3. Standardised and Scalable
  4. Dependable and Trusted by all stakeholders

Create awareness :

  1. To avoid blindness
  2. To mobilise pledges and eye donations to match requirement

Strive to accomplish :

  1. Enhanced standard of living of beneficiaries
  2. Dignity to families of eye donors and donees
  3. Enhanced happiness for all stakeholders




India – home to world’s largest blind population: 1,20,00,000

Cataract : 55%

Refractive Errors : 27%

Corneal Blindness : 18%

80% Of them Are Fully Curable

Cataract : CURABLE

Refractive Errors : CURABLE

Corneal Blindness : CURABLE (Through Transplantation of Corneas from Eye Donation)


India - Poor Eye Donation History

India has a poor track record in eye donation while gift of sight is most common in Sri Lanka, which exports more than 3000 corneas annually.

India is home to World’s Largest Blind population- 1 crore 20 lacs

There are about 18 lacs Corneal Blind people in India

91 lacs deaths occur in India annually

182 lacs potential eye donations annually

Only 35 thousand people donate eyes yearly

One Person can give eyes to two people

Even if 10% of people donate their eyes annually, corneal blindness will be eradicated in a decade.




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As an individual:

Please Donate to our Cause of serving the needy eye receipent and its Programmes and Advocacy work.

As an Institution:

Mahindru Foundation actively seeks to partner with Organizations, Charities, Trusts and other Institutions to bring the benefits of specialized expertise and the power of generous grants and endowments to the needy

As a Corporate:

Mahindru Foundation enable Corporate houses to sponsor as part of their CSR policy. Some of the most well known names from the Private and Public sectors have been consistent supporters of these programmes. Flagship programmes like the Mobile Medical Units can be tailored to match the needs of individual CSR projects of different corporates. Complete transparency in financial documentation and systematic updates

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What precautions are to be taken?

Switch off fans and switch on Air Conditioner (if available). Raise the head with a pillow. Place wet clean cloth over the closed eye lids. Please ensure that the eye lids are properly closed. Keep a copy of the death certificate ready (if available). The eye bank team which would have a trained technician or a registered medical practitioner would remove the eyes after taking consent on a printed from and also take a blood sample.

My decision to be an Eye donor will affect my medical care?

No. It is the duty of a doctor to look after a patient and make every possible effort to save the patient’s life. This is their first duty. If, despite their efforts, the patient dies, organ and tissue donation can then be considered, but it would be implemented only after the family of the patient gives consent.

It is enough if I have a donor card ?

No. Just having a donor card is not enough. You need to carry it at all times and also inform your relatives about your wishes so that they honour your wish at the moment of truth.

My family will not get to see my body after donation?

Families are given the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones after the operation, if they wish. Arrangements for viewing the body after donation are the same as after any death.

Does Eye donation will leave my face disfigured ?

Corneas are always removed with the greatest of care and respect for the person. This takes place in a normal operation theater under sterile conditions by a team of specialized doctors. Afterwards, the surgical incision is carefully closed and covered by a dressing in the normal way. The operation is carried out by specialist health care professionals who always ensure that the donor is treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

My eye might not go to those who have waited the longest or are the neediest?

The rich and famous are not given priority when it comes to allocating eye. It may seem that way because of the amount of publicity generated when celebrities receive a transplant, but they are treated no differently from anyone else. In fact, what really counts is the severity of illness, time spent waiting, blood type and other important medical information. The eye allocation system is blind to wealth or social status. Factors such as race, gender, age, income, celebrity status are never considered when determining organ recipients.

If I donate my eye it will cause delays to my funeral arrangements?

Yes, there is a possibility. However, given the altruistic nature of this donation, families usually accept this and take it as part of the process of donation.

Once I become an Eye donor I can never change my mind?

You always have the option to change your mind. You can withdraw your registration, tear up your donor card and let your family know that you have changed your mind.

Is not Eye Donation against religious principles or tradition?

All religions endorse eye donation. There are numerous examples in our traditions and scriptures which endorse eye and organ donation. A part of the body which would be consumed by flames and reduced to ashes or which is buried and allowed to decay and disintegrate cannot be put to a better use than restoring vision to the needy!!

Who can donate eyes? Is there any age limit?

Anybody of any age can donate eyes. Even if the deceased has medical history of hypertension, diabetes, asthma, tuberculosis etc., even spectacle wearers and people who have undergone cataract operation can donate eyes.

How do I contact Eye Bank?

A special number 1919 (BSNL) has been allotted for eye banks. Most of the eye banks all over the country have this number. Once information for eye donation is given here, the eye bank sends its team to collect the eyes. By calling this number details about eye donation can also be had.

How do I ensure that the eyes so donated would not be misused?

Eye Banks are covered under Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994. It is a criminal offence to buy or sell organs. The Government issues certificate of registration to eye banks and has a provision to inspect them regularly. In case a complaint is filed against any eye bank, the government can take legal action.

What is an Eye Bank?

An Eye Bank is a charitable organization without any profit motive. They are purely functioning for the benefit of the society. The eye banks facilitate removal of eyes, processing of eyes and evaluation of the eyes and distribute them to the needy.

How one can Donate eyes?

Eyes are removed only after death. A person wishing to donate eyes should make close family members aware of their intentions. After death of the person it Is the family members who can inform the nearest eye bank to fulfill the wishes of the deceased r authorize removal of the eyes if somebody from an eye bank approaches the family.

What is Eye Donation?

Eye Donation is an act of charity purely for the benefit of the society and is totally voluntary. Eye Donation is done after death. The eye donation of the deceased can be authorized by the next of kith & kin even if the deceased did not pledge his / her eyes before death




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